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Stay with Me
It was one of those nights. You didn't know how it was possible, but you could just tell.
You slipped out of bed, quiet enough so you didn't wake Nami or Robin. Using the wall as a guide, you tip-toed to the door.
Exiting the girls' room, you walked out onto the main deck of the Thousand Sunny. The moon was at its peak, casting a dull light over the ship. Walking up to the Sunny's figurehead, you peeked past her mane, spotting the raven haired captain. "Luffy?" you whispered, gazing worriedly at him.
He whipped around so fast you thought he would fall off the figurehead into the sea. "(Y/n)-chan? What are you doing out here?" The solemn look on his face wasn't what you were used to, only seeing this look whenever Luffy had nightmares as a child.
You didn't say anything as you climbed onto Sunny's head, giving Luffy a gentle hug from behind. He stiffened for a moment, but relaxed not long after. Slowly, as if he were afraid you would disappear, he turned and wrapped his arms around you.
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Count on Me
(Y/n) watched her captain dart around the Thousand Sunny, desperately looking for his treasured straw hat. You had no clue as to where it could've been, nor did you have an idea as to who hid it. But you helped him search for it anyways. Everyone did, but for different reasons.
Nami, Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp were just irked by his endless calling for his hat, wanting to continue their daily routine without the disturbance. The other half of the crew viewed it as more of a. . . treasure hunt.
You trailed behind Luffy, catching any details he might've missed. Robin was the one to find its location, utilizing her devil fruit powers to search every nook and cranny of the Sunny. "(Y/n)," she spoke, her tone hushed so no one could hear us, "it's on top of the foremast. Would you like to go get it for Captain-san?" With a bright smile, she continued to search as if she found nothing.
Glancing upwards, you began to make your way up the foremast. You climbed to the very top, the straw hat getting
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Share with Me
"Happy birthday!" You shouted with the rest of the Straw Hats. Today was Luffy's birthday, which everyone excluding you, Usopp and Chopper, who were busy keeping Luffy distracted so he didn't chow down on all the food right away. Given his monster appetite, you all had to pitch in on getting over a month's worth of food just to satisfy him. Of course, there were other requests as to what others wanted at the party; grog, cola, cotton candy. You did your best to pitch in, whether it was giving Robin a hand (which she really didn't need) or helping wash dishes.
When the party finally started, Luffy was already on his tenth plate and Zoro and Nami had gone through at least three bottles of grog each. Usopp, Brook, Franky and Chopper were hosting one of their fashion shows, and Sanji was serving Nami and Robin every moment he had, swooning over their beauty whenever they came into his view. You were involved in the action too, but everyone could see the spark between you and Luffy, do he d
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Dance with Me
You and the Straw Hats docked at a festival island, the crowds bustling with vendors and merchants from all over the Grand Line. Currently, Luffy was dragging you around the island's main city as if he knew where he was going. "C'mon, (Y/n)-chan! Hurry up!"
Sighing, you quickened your pace to match Luffy's. After multiple apologies, shortcuts, and an incident including a goat, you reached the center of the city. It was large enough to hold a thousand people, a giant platform right in the middle. He dragged you out into the sea of people, just as a lively jig started to play. 
With a childish laugh, he pulled you to his chest. "Dance with me!" he half ordered, already in rhythm with the song. With a laugh, you followed his lead. You both weaved through the crowd, enjoying yourselves immensely. That is, before the marines showed up.
"Oi! Straw Hat!" A gruff voice called out. Looking towards the source of the voice, you found yourself staring down a man, smoking several cigars. "At l
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Sing for Me
It's been almost a week since Luffy brought you aboard his ship, the Thousand Sunny. You had a general idea about what his crew would be like; having heard stories both good and bad about them. Zoro didn't seem like a sadistic demon as people said he was-more so of a sleepy bear. As long as you don't poke him with a stick, you figured that he wouldn't cut you up.
The money loving navigator was another story, one you knew not much about. She worked under a fishman before joining Luffy, and was infamous for taking on the World Government at Enies Lobby. Usopp was a similar story. All you really knew about him was that he went by the alias of "Sogeking," and is the sniper of the crew.
You knew a tiny bit more about SanjI, having heard about the famed food of the Baratie, and how it came to be. How he recruited such a skilled chef was a mystery to you, But how he got a skeleton and reindeer to join just blew your mind.
Only the most recent events, which were actually very recent, told you
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Smile for Me
    Luffy had carried you bridal style back to his ship, the scoldings from his crew suddenly turning into shouts of worry for you. The crew was either yelling at Luffy, worried about what happened to you, or was smiling at the scene in front of them-namely the woman with the long black hair.
    Luffy brushed past them all; his first priority was to make sure you were OK. "Don't worry, (Y/n)-chan. You're safe now," Luffy whispered into your ear as he set you down gently onto a bed. A small animal with a blue hat came running in after Luffy, getting things from around the room.
    "That's Chopper. He's our doctor," Luffy muttered to you, fondly stroking your cheek. You leaned into his touch, enjoying the feeling and warmth of his hand. The adrenaline and shock finally wearing off, your eyes drooped as the exhaustion finally set in.
    When you woke from your slumber, Luffy was still by your side. He look
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Look at Me
    "Stop it!" You cried out, desperately clawing at the drunken man. Two other drunks were eyeing you with lustful looks in their eyes, urging their buddy to hurry up. This can't happen anymore, I can't take it! Your mind shouted. "Someone help me, please!"
    "Shut it, little girl," the drunk growled, roughly licking and sucking at your neck. You groaned from the pain. Tears were threatening to fall from you eyes. A sharp gasp escaped from your lips as the stranger grasped your rump.
    "Please, stop!" You cried, hot tears now flowing from your eyes. He licked the tears from your cheeks, a sadistic grin forming on his ugly face. He tore your shirt off, leaving it in an unwearable condition. He then proceeded to rip off your bra, leaving your upper half naked. Your eyes shut tight, waiting for whatever may come next.
    Just as his hands were about to touch you in unmentionable places, he jerked back with a yelp. Ey
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